After making the decision to change the colors of Outreach, we knew that two things could not change: the home and the heart. We undertook the design of a new logo in a very intentional way. We wanted everything to have meaning – even if that meaning isn’t obvious to all of those who will see the logo – it is meaningful to us.

All of the services Outreach provides take place in the home. This is because we believe that what happens in the home affects a person’s whole life. Our caregivers, administrators, and staff all want to make a difference in our clients’ lives and we feel that the home is where we can have the most impact. Our caring and compassionate services really do make a difference, and that care and concern are symbolized by our new graphic of a heart encircling a home.

At Outreach, we serve clients in multiple programs, but it all comes back to the home. Changing the logo does not mean we are wavering in our dedication to clients and our focus on home-based services.

Hopefully, this series of blog posts on our new logo, including the symbolism of the colors and graphics, has shed some light on the heart of Outreach – a strong, stable company that is changing and growing while maintaining its heart and service in the home.